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Liuto forte Concerts 2012

Our instruments are used in concert by lutenists and guitarists throughout Europe. These concert dates have now become so extensive that it is no longer possible here to list all appearances and keep them up to date. We have therefore decided to give brief notices of tours by Liuto forte players and include links to the internet sites of the artists themselves for further information and confirmation of concert details. Some single dates will still be listed here when Liuto forte players sporadically let us know about them, but these are not intended to be comprehensive and we can offer no guarantee of how correct or current they are.

Concerts with Eric Bellocq

Appearances in France, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. The French lutenist Bellocq whose repertoire ranges from renaissance and baroque music to contemporary compositions gives 32 concerts this year on tour and at a selection of festivals. Along with solo recitals there will be appearances alongside the well known countertenors Dominique Visse and Damian Guillon. There will be also a Bach program with the juggler Vincent Lavenère well worth hearing – and seeing! See www.bellocq.info for exact dates.

Concerts with André Burguete

The lutenist André Burguete is a specialist for eighteenth century lute music, particularly S. L. Weiss and J. S. Bach. In recent years he has developed a special technique for the Liuto forte and has deciphered the system of playing techniques which underlies the structure of Bach’s works for the lute. For organising concerts with the inventor of the Liuto forte, contact andre.burguete@liuto-forte.com

Concerts with Luciano Còntini

The lutenist Luciano Còntini, internationally renowned through numerous solo and ensemble recordings, has been playing on a Liuto forte since 2001. Information on his activities can be found at www.contini.at

Concerts with Christian Hostettler

The guitarist Hostettler has been regularly performing on the Liuto forte in solo and chamber concerts in Switzerland and Germany since 2005. Among other things he continues this year his charming musico-literary programs with the speaker Franziskus Abgottspon – for example Wollust & Wohlklang (Concord & Concupiscence), with lute music by Weiss and texts from the 16th and 17th centuries. Consult www.allegretto.ch for exact dates.

Concerts with Elisabeth Trechslin

The Swiss guitarist Elisabeth Trechslin completed studied at the Winterthur Conservatory and completed her course in performance with distinction. She has owned a Liuto forte since 2009. She gives solo recitals on guitar and Liuto forte as well as concerts with Stefan Adler (guitar) and Dorothee Labusch (voice). Dates and programs can be found at www.elisabethtrechslin.ch

Concerts with Christian Vasseur

The guitarist, lutenist and composer Vasseur is an extraordinarily many-sided musician and gifted master of improvisation. His repertoire embraces an impressive spectrum of European and non-European styles. Since 2010 he has performed on the liuto forte in France and Belgium. Consult christianvasseur.weebly.com for exact dates.