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Liuto forte Players

Among players of the Liuto forte you will equally find professional and amateur musicians in both lute and guitar scenes. Every conceivable style and method from the medieval to the modern is represented here. Several prominent lutenists state proudly in their programs that they play on a Liuto forte. Others prefer – acting in consideration for the puristic members of their audience – not to mention that they do.

Internationally renowned lutenists playing on a Liuto forte include Luciano Còntini (Vienna), Éric Bellocq (Paris), Daniel Swenberg (New Jersey), Oliver Holzenburg (Basle), Christian Vasseur (Lille) and Fulvio Garlaschi (Alençon).

Among well-known guitarist who also play on a Liuto forte are Christian Hostettler (Zürich), Stephan Schmidt (Basle), Mirko Schrader (Neuwied), Johannes Tappert (Königshofen), Judith and Volker Niehusmann (Essen) and Peter Autschbach (Siegen).