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Basic Models of Liuto forte

Liuti forti can in principle be built in any tuning. Offered here are models to choose from historical lute tunings; with those, the most of the over 50.000 pieces can be played.
Guitarists need not be put off by the great variety of lute forms. The wide range is a guarantee that each player will precisely find the appropriate instrument. Please do not hesitate to approach us for further advice and assistance. Help will be very gladly given.

Instruments are offered in three price classes. All of them are handmade master instruments. Model A (the introductory option), Model B and Model C. They differ in their specifications, in the kinds of wood used and in the extent of work invested in the fine-tuning of the sound. All models receive the same care in workmanship.

We try to keep popular models like the 7 and 9 string Liuto forte constantly in stock. In addition to newly made instruments we offer demonstration instruments for sale. These are Liuti forti which have been used in trade fairs and courses. Maybe showing slight signs of wear, they can be sold at lower prices. Current offers of demonstration instruments can be viewed under the heading Bargains in the menu News

Liuto Forte - verschiedene Modelle