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The „Bach-Laute“

Tuning:A B flat C D E F G A B flat d f a d‘ f‘

Tuning: G A B C D E F G A B d f a d’f’
(BWV 995, 997)

String-Length 64cm
Fixed frets (tied-on if desired)
Single stringing, “theorboed” neck (12 fingerboard strings, 3 bourdon strings)
There is a choice between the ranges G – f’’ (12 frets, the maximum range of J. S. Bach’s lute compositions) and G – c’’’ (19 frets).

Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions for the lute were conceived for a single strung instrument of shorter string length. This is, in fact, a modified form of the angélique, a historical lute form whose development is still today largely unresearched. The instrument which we have reconstructed is based on all the parameters to be derived from both the structure of Bach’s works for lute and the disposition of the particular lute instrument found among his personal possessions.

Further information on the subject can be found at www.bach-Lautenwerke.de