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Tiorba forte (Roman Theorbo)

Tuning: G A B C D E F G A d g h e a
or F G A B flat C D E F G c f a d g
String-Length fingerboard strings: 80 cm, String-Length bourdon strings 120 cm
(other String-Lengths by arrangement)
Fixed Frets (tied-on if desired)
Single stringing (double courses if desired)

Continuo instruments are in a position to profit especially from the advantages of the Liuto forte soundboard construction. The Tiorba forte is not so large, yet unfolds a power with its 4 to 5 kg tension per string which even the much larger historically constructed continuo instruments cannot match, not to mention their airline incompatibility. Not solely the reduced string length, but particularly its warm, rich tone also suit the Tiorba forte for the rendition of solo theorbo repertoire.