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Choice of woods

The three kinds of wood used in the bodies of the Liuto forte are rosewood (South American & East Indian), maple and yew – other woods are possible if desired. They make for different timbres, which one might characterise as follows: rosewood sounds “masculine“, yew sounds “feminine“, while maple has a more neutral but versatile sound.

For players who like to emphasise strong contrasts on their instrument, and desire the biggest sound possible, rosewood is the right choice. Bodies of this wood are best adapted to performance in larger halls.

The sound of bodies of yew has an unmistakable and inimitable charm, and is the closest to that of the old lutes. The historical lute repertoire will perhaps work most captivatingly on instruments of yew.
Maple is an all-rounder, having something of both of the above woods, without tending to either extreme. For those often playing in ensembles, the bright and fresh sound of maple instruments is perhaps most advisable.

The choice of body wood is of course a personal decision, involving individual taste and playing style. Decision will be made much easier by simply trying instruments out in the various woods.