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A New Rose

Most of the rose designs employed up until the 18th century and in contemporary lute making originate in types developed in the 16th century. They can involve abstract, geometrical forms, floral elements, symbols or heraldic motifs, but they will usually elicit associations of times long gone.


We therefore already began some years ago to bring a timeless rose design into being, one to suit the conception of Liuto forte. A prize was even offered for successful suggestions. Artists and designers whom we approached perhaps surprisingly did not rise to the challenge.

The decisive inspiration for a more timeless design was found in the sight of winter twigs by the window of our lutemaker’s workshop. Günter Mark’s pattern, inspired by this view, does contain abstract elements, but at the same times raises associations with the natural world. It is almost as though the essence of the wood itself is revealing itself: in its subterranean contortions, its upward striving, and in ever finer branchings towards the slender stems of leaves.

Günter Mark’s design has enriched the wealth of rose hole forms with a further pattern of fine ornament and great beauty.