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Strings & accessories


For an average instrument average strings might just be good enough. A perfectly balanced stringed instrument, however, wants an equally perfect stringing. It is for this reason that we have from the start been as concerned with the development of optimal sets of strings as with the development of the actual instrument itself. Liuto forte strings are manufactured according to precise specifications by professional string makers. They are tailor made for each model. Due to the finest graduation within the range of string gauges we are able to make the smallest adjustments, taking into account not only the individuality of each instrument but also the personal tastes of its player. This ideal situation is unique in the world among makers of plucked stringed instruments.

The Capo Tasto

Our capos have been especially adapted for the varying neck widths of Liuti forti from the guitar capo tasto made by the firm Shubb. By supplying the name of your lute model and the width of the neck at the second fret a capo can be ordered directly from

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Lute Rest

For Liuto Forti with varnished ribs there are playing supports available of the type familiar to classical guitarists. More information on ErgoPlay www.tappert.de/liuto-forte.html


We take our instrument cases from various European manufacturers. They are custom built for each of our models, with which they share a handicraft of the highest quality.