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Prof. Günter Mark

Lute and viol maker

Born in Krummenaab, studied mathematics in Erlangen and in 1982 received his doctorate in Giessen. Since 1978 he has devoted himself, at first part time, to the building, rebuilding and scientific documentation of historical musical instruments. He received basic training as a lutemaker from Robert Lundberg (Portland, USA). Since 1984, Guenter Mark has been building lutes and viols in Erlangen, Utrecht and Elsa. In 2005 he was appointed honorary professor for Historical Musical Instrument Building at the Westsaechsischen Hochschule Zwickau.

Guenter Mark enjoys an international reputation as one of the most prominent specialists in historical musical instrument building. His lutes, theorbos and viols are played world-wide by musicians in historical performance practice.

With this background, the making of the liuto forte, with its completely new sound possibilities, presents him with a special challenge.